Why Buy Used?

Why Buy Used

As you begin the search for your next vehicle in Pocatello, ID, and surrounding areas, you might ask yourself: do I want a new or used car? Here at Cole Nissan Kia, we know there are fantastic benefits to both options. The most obvious reason to buy a preowned car is that it's more affordable, and in most cases, you can save up to 40% of the price of a new model when you buy a vehicle that’s just three years old. Whether you’re on a budget or just looking to save some money on your next vehicle, you’ll certainly get more bang for your buck when you buy used—especially at Cole Nissan Kia.

Advantages of Buying Used

  • Variety: The market for new cars is constantly flooded with newer and fresher appearances so it might be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. Shopping for a used car allows you to find the exact vehicles that suit your needs with features that you’ve come to trust. We provide a variety of Nissan and Kia vehicles, whether you’re looking for a medium sedan, a family SUV, or a work pickup truck.
  • Lower Prices: While used cars are more affordable than new ones, they certainly still hold good value for money—especially one purchased at our dealership. Used car buyers also have better chances of making larger down payments or buying for cash and could also decide to purchase a higher trim of their preferred vehicle. 
  • Smaller Loan Amount: Since used cars cost a lot less than new ones, they generally have a lower loan amount. In most cases, the monthly payments and total interest rate are lower so buy knowing you can pay off your loan a lot sooner.
  • Excellent Options: At Cole Nissan Kia, we only stock the finest collection of used cars. This is why those searching for where to buy a used car in Pocatello, ID trust us for quality, and over the years, we have continually exceeded their expectations. When you shop at Cole Nissan Kia, be assured that all our vehicles have gone through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that it’s in good condition and suitable for the road.

Do Used Cars Have Warranties?

Drivers in Pocatello, ID always consider warranties when buying used vehicles for good reason. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle at our dealership, you'll enjoy an impressive warranty that provides you with driving peace of mind. Be sure to speak to our sales team to understand the extent of the coverage.

Come Check Out Our Used Cars Today!

Feel free to browse through our collection of used and used car specials, we are sure you’ll find a vehicle that fits your needs and price range. As you shop for a used Nissan or Kia for sale, go right ahead and apply for financing once you find a vehicle that suits your needs. We offer an array of loan options, including alternative financing packages to make the payments a lot easier.

And if you’d like to visit our dealership in Pocatello, ID, our friendly sales team would be happy to welcome you and answer all of your questions on any of our preowned vehicles display in the lot. Customer satisfaction remains our top priority at Cole Nissan Kia, which is why we create a no-pressure environment so that you can find the vehicle you love.